Goalline Scramble - The home of the 'alternative' football fix

Firstly, this:

Secondly; goalline scramble 

  1. Noun - When a goal is scored through a scrappy mean of effort, ininvolving a few messy passes/shots between 2 or more players; usually consists of a deflection(s) off someone to result in said goal
  2. Noun - This website. Relating to the definition above, a messy, eclectic mix of football talk still providing you with the best information for you. This can be humerous, silly, serious and everything you would find in a goalline scramble.

So whether it's Bale's own goal, Di Canio's celebration for Sunderland actually scoring, or counting how many foreheads Gervinho ACTUALLY has, you can check here for the football talk, news or views around the globe.

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