Why this weekend is so huge for Arsenal

As many of you know, I'm an Arsenal fan. I'm putting this disclaimer in because the headline of this article could have well been "Why this weekend is so huge for any team placed 3rd-5th".  We know why it's so huge for all those teams; 3points seperate those 3 places, with only 6 points to play for:

Chelsea 69p
Arsenal  67p
Tottenham 66p

Heck even Everton in 6th could get into Europa if they win their next to games and Tottenham lose their next two games and they end up with better goal difference. It's really close, and will promise a nailbaiting, exciting season end for these 3, possibly 4, places.

So the reason why I'm focusing more on Arsenal because a) it's bigger for them (I'll explain why), b) Arsenal are my speciality, therefore I can talk more in depth why it is so big for them.

Before I do that we'll need to look at the fixtures between these three teams in chronological order:

11 May 12:45 Aston Villa v Chelsea.

12 May 13:30 Stoke City v Tottenham

14 May 19:45 Arsenal v Wigan 

So in Arsenal's favour we see that they have the home game, and they will already know if both of their Champions League Chaser rivals have dropped points or not.

Aston Villa still need two more points to guarantee safety, and could do it at home against Chelsea, they won't see it as a game they don't have to play, and Benteke could sneak it against them.

Stoke City is always more physical at their Britannia stadium, however Stoke do not have much to play for although one more point for them will also guarantee safety. Their improving form might be key to Tottenham dropping points and even though I don't think Spurs will, at least Arsene will know before their key game against Wigan.

Sure Wigan will be fighting the skin off their backs to stay up, and there have been a lot of bogey results between Arsenal and Wigan in the past, but, the two day gap until they play might just give the gunners an extra confident boost if the results go their way.

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