FOOTBALL'S STILL F**KIN MENTAL - A sequel - Rumours of Mancini sacking for Pellegrini

Well if you're believing twitter tonight, you would have found out that football is not calming down for anyone this week.

Rumours are pumping out of the woodwork tonight that Man Utd aren't the only team in Manchester appointing a new manager after Skybet has cut prices on Pellegrini to become the new City manager. But, that's not all, this has been leaking out as if it is to be true, on the eve of a cup final.

Now this could take any of these different forms from twitters own "Mancini's been sacked and Pellegrini's going to replace him"
Does it mean Mancini isn't going to be manager tomorrow? Or is it at the end of the season?
Has he really been sacked? Or has he chosen to leave? 

We have to wonder where these rumours come from, and we have to take this with a pinch of salt. Mancini won the premier league last season and could win another trophy this season even though they haven't fought for the league. Either way, there's no way he could be sacked on a Friday night 18 hours before a cup final vs Wigan, that they could easily take.

Sure football hasn't gone THAT crazy, has it?


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