Diving; more confusing than you thought.

A weird thing happened to me last night, I was with a girlfriend of mine, in a pub, while the FA cup final was on. Now, I'm the kind of person where my life revolves around sports, especially football. Every now and then you'd find a male who acts the same way, but very rarely a girl; safe to say my friend didn't know much about it but piped up a question during the match.

"Jasmine, you love football. What is diving? Is it when they act injured." 

What is diving? So many places to start from, so many different parts of it. It gave me a brainspark to do this article. I'll start with my answer though;

"It's hard to explain, it's mainly a way to cheat. It's when a player falls to act like a foul happened when there was no contact at all."

This is self explanatory but if you need some video evidence, the first dive in this video explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa_l-nAOabk

"When a player acts injured when they are not, it's not actually diving, because there could have been an actual foul. It's more simulation and acting; they gain an unfair advantage by doing this."

I know this isn't by FIFA's rules, or policy by wording, but it should be, diving and simulation are two different things and can get quite confusing otherwise. If a player is acting hurt but there is a foul, there is still a foul even though it's not sporting behaviour to act hurt. We have to ask ourselves why they're acting hurt?

I think it's because a lot of the times when a player is fouled, the referee might not notice, acting hurt is one way to get noticed, which does come down to officiating, and officiating with consistency more importantly. Should the player be punished for trying to get noticed for a foul? I'm not completely sure. Time wasting a lesser foul, sure.

Diving is completely different; like seen today in the Watford v Leciester City match. Leciester diving for a last minute penalty they recieved, even though there was no foul. This diving on a bigger basis should definitely be reviewed if it has a big impact in the game (yellow cards, red cards, penalties), and why I think video replays are so important.**

** My views for video replays are confusing, I think they should be used because it'll help make the game more accurate, seeing if penalties are penalties and if the ball crossed the line and etc. However it would take the element of absolute drama and that is a part of the game.

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