First order of business - Moyes should get rid of Rooney

It would be a ballsy move, wouldn't it?

The team has lost Scholes, Ferguson, and now the possibilty of Wayne Rooney leaving, seems almost chaotic, but it isn't.
This isn't the first time Rooney has wanted to leave, as it is his second request in three years; the first time (Oct 2010) seemed a lot worse, mainly as it came out of a supposedly far beyond repair argument with Fergie.
He questioned the ambition and commitment of the club. However two days later, Wayne made, and I can only call it this, a spectacular U-turn. Coming to an agreement, to sign a 5 year contract.

Now this is where it starts to go wrong, and this is why Moyes should let him go.

When signing the new contract, Sir Alex Ferguson said: "I'm delighted Wayne's agreed to stay." Rooney stated: "I said on Wednesday the manager's a genius and it's his belief and support that convinced me to stay."

"It's his belief and support that convinced me to stay".
Strong words from Wazza there, so why did he hand his second transfer request  before Fergie even said he was retiring? 

Secondly, "I am sure the fans over the last week have felt let down by what they have read and seen."
Well again, this is rather self-explanatory. Yes, his football on the pitch made up for what he said, however saying that he wants to leave more than once makes fans judge his passion for the club. It'll be harder for him to be re-accepted, and no doubt if he does start having bad games, I'm sure there'll be a vocal fan or two telling him that.

He needs to learn that he is not irreplaceable, especially with the signing of Van Persie, the improvement of Chicharito, and generally better players across Europe to sign. 

It is a tough decision for Moyes, and will get slated either way, however if he does get rid, he'll definitely show whos boss.
If Rooney does leave, who would be your replacement?

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