Wigan blow and woe for Mancini; Mancini Sacked

The statement is official on the Man City website but it's currently down as I think too many people are trying to view it:


Even though there were rumours of Mancini being sacked and Pellegrini being his replacement, we thought, before an FA cup final that Man City could have realistically won, that wasn't true, but he didn't win, almost confirming that he would be leaving in some way or the other. 

*The page has finally loaded*

"It is with regret that Manchester City Football Club announces that Roberto Mancini has been relieved of his duties as Manchester City Manager. "

Sacked it is.

"Despite everyone’s best efforts, the Club has failed to achieve any of its stated targets this year, with the exception of qualification for next season’s UEFA Champions League. This, combined with an identified need to develop a holistic approach to all aspects of football at the Club, has meant that the decision has been taken to find a new manager for the 2013/14 season and beyond."

Off the Champions by 13 points, not really challenging for the title this year, dropping out of the group stages of the champions league, and losing to Swansea in the CO cup and the nail in the coffin to lose against Wigan in the FA cup final. How much money do you spend to end up second?

Trying to experiment with this team wasn't the answer. 

So that's the end of Mancini's reign. What are odds for Pellegrini now after he rejected the claims?

13/14 is shaping up to be interesting already and 12/13 hasn't even ended.


Brendan Rodgers is now the 7th longest serving manager in the Premier League - having been appointed in June last year. 

May 13th 2012 - Aguero scores a last second goal to seal the PL for City.
May 13th 2013 - Roberto Mancini sacked as City manager.


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