Football's version of Samantha Brick found

Now if you don't know who Samantha Brick is, google her, she is a writer for the Daily Mail who has made a name for herself for spouting class A bull. Even for the Daily Mail, where we know the lot of them talk bull, she stands out by a mile. I try to figure what's wrong with her, but maybe she just likes people to acknowledge she exists, no matter if it's good or bad acknowledgement.

What this has to do with Chris Waddle? Well today he has come out and told BBC Radio 5 live; 

"I would say he has been a good player, I wouldn't put him down as a great." "You can go down a list of footballers since the Premier League and I don't think David Beckham would probably be in the first 1,000."

"I think there has been a lot more talented players in the world. But he made the most of what he has got."

Waddle added: "He has got a terrific image and used it very well. He never had a trick, wasn't particularly quick, but he was very good at set-pieces and deliveries, he made chances and made goals and was fantastic for clubs.

"He said the right things, he sold shirts, he put money in the tills wherever he went and conducted himself well."

So Beckham isn't Great, just good. Not even the top 1000 Premier League players. I'm pretty sure I'm sensing jealousy here, and I'm also sure that if you ask Waddle, if Waddle was a top 1000 Premier League player, he would be.

Let's just bring up this bit of statistical information up:

and some great goals from the guy as well (the music in this video makes it):

Yeah, he probably wasn't as good as Messi is now; but Waddle, you're talking about Premier League Players, you didn't say world players. And guess what Beckham would still be in both the top 100 in both anyway. 

I don't understand why, he's come out and said this, (except for jealousy and attention) but it's better if we just laugh at him and move on.

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