Third time's the charm as Bayern crowned Champions

Well fuck, after the first 45' minutes I thought maybe, just maybe, both sides are so good that it's going to cancel each other out and it'll stay 0-0. Thankfully, that didn't happen. The final score 2 - 1 to Bayern Munich, winning it in the final minutes, and it couldn't be anyone else but Robben, could it?
The man who was critised last year for being too selfish, the man who felt heartbreak in 2010 vs Inter, and in 2012 vs Chelsea. He definitely upped his game generally this year,  but his winning goal just summed up everything Bayern has been during the Champions League. Touch of class (excluding Ribery), resilient and magical.

So what have we learnt from this years Champions League?

1. Robben can definitely prove his doubters wrong; so I can almost bet that Pep Guardiola will get rid of him

Or that Robben will leave on his own accord. He's definitely shown that he has the quality, taken on the selfish criticism, and proved he can be out of this world, but at 29, can you see Pep keeping him?

2. Klopp and the Dortmund side have no need to be down 

Bayern has been a top team in Europe for 4 years. 4 years, 3 finals, you'd expect them to win once. Unfortunately for Dortmund, Bayerns once came against them, but with Klopp's philosophy and heart in the club, you can expect them to grow and grow. It makes a difference when the manager is invested in the club because it usually comes out in the players too. 
Gotze will be leaving to join Bayern, but they didn't even have him in the final, and they still took Bayern up for the fight. Lewandowski might leave, but as Dortmund have shown before, when selling Kagawa, they always rebuild, sometimes even better than before.

3. Dortmund's 37% to Bayern's 63%

Possession. That seems a one sided story doesn't it?

During the second half Bayern just seemed to overrun the midfield. Even at 1-1 when Subotic's last-ditch defending to keep out Muller's shot, and Klopp's fist pump reaction at it, you couldn't just help to think, Dortmund are in trouble.
However as we know, possession isn't everything, if we take a closer look at the shots, you'll see  the winning team just edged it:
Dortmund: Shots 12 (8 on target)
Bayern: Shots 15 (10 on target)

If this is Bayern's possession play now, what will happen when Guardiola's in charge? Possession in the 90's?

4. Guardiola has a lot to live up to

Jupp Heynckes will go down a legend. Sad to see him retire, but what a way to go. Can Guardiola repeat this success? Many have said he hasn't had a real challenge yet, and this will probably be a little bit (note; tiny tiny tiny bit) harder than being at Barca. 

5. Ribery is a tool

We often give Suarez and Bale a lot of slack, but a quick mention to Ribery, who spent half the game on the floor, spent most time trying to cheat in the worst way of not even being touched.

Seriously, man up.

And finally, just to congratulate the Champions League 2013 for being far more entertaining than last year. It makes a difference when Chelsea aren't in it.

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