Clear out of the Arse - Part I

It's that time of the year again. The time that us Arsenal fans usually feel optimistic, the smarter ones of us will know not to get our hopes us, but we still hope and wish anyway. This year it seems too good to be true, £150mil kit sponsorship with Puma, Arsene seeming to want to spend money, the transfer rumours with Higuain, Benzema, Jovetic, fuck, even Rooney seems a step up and I know we're linked with players everywhere but the amount of different decent players seems.... too odd for us.

However, this isn't what this article is about...

This is about the other half of this time of year, getting rid of deadwood. Deadwood which kills spirit, (I think we've got rid of that since Nasri), skill and money. This should be a vital part of Arsenal's plan to improve which they've not been able to do; first-talented-to-mediocre young players who are paid rather well are hard to shift.

The definite deadwood:

Denilson - Ineffective since the start of the 09/10 season, renamed to "The jogging man" after many fustrating and poor performances not worthy of the Arsenal shirt since he suffered a back injury. Should've been replaced in the team a lot earlier. Cost us many points by his jogging version of tracking back. If you hadn't realised, I'm restraining myself. A nice guy gone through things a person shouldn't have to go through (his mothers death at an early age, most of his childhood friends dead). Doesn't explain why he said to the press he wanted to leave to win trophies when he was mostly the shittest player on the pitch. Loaned to Sao Paulo; where he recieved two red cards in his first three matches; the latter red card because he swore at a referee. 

That led to THIS twitter row:

"Arsenal midfielder Denilson has seen his loan spell with Brazilian outfit Sao Paulo turn into a nightmare, after furious supporters demanded he never play for the club again, after he branded them ‘very, very annoying’ in an ongoing Twitter row." - Metro, 4/10/11

I've just found out that he still has one more year on his contract with Arsenal, can Arsene work his magic and get an offer for him?

Squilacci -  When your shirt number was previously Pascal Cygan's and Mikael Silvestre's, you know you're not going to be the shit. What fans thought could be a decent back up signing in the summer 2010 was disproved at the first hurdle, after a number of poor performances. Luckily we signed Per Mertesacker in the summer of 2011; Squllaci dropped to maybe 5th choice defender at this time. The rest of this story can be explained simply thanks to wikipedia, I've underlined the important parts; 

He made his first Champions League appearance of the season on 6 December 2011, where he played the full 90 minutes in Arsenal's 3–1 away defeat to Olympiacos. This was Arsenal's last game of the group stage. He made his first Premier League appearance of the season on 2 January 2012, when he replaced Aaron Ramsey playing the last 10 minutes against Fulham after Johan Djourou was sent off.Arsenal went on to lose the match 2–1 as Squillaci's clearing header in the 92nd minute of the match, fell to the feet of Bobby Zamora, who scored a volley to give Fulham all three points.

On 17 February 2012, Squillaci came on as an early substitute in Arsenal's fifth round FA Cup game at Sunderland, after Francis Coquelin sustained an injury, with regular defenders Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny already missing through injury. Squillaci had a torrid game, deflecting Kieran Richardson's 40th minute shot into his own net, and was himself substituted in the 52nd minute as Arsenal went on to lose 2–0. He ended the 2011–2012 season with six appearances, with only one of these appearances being in the Premier League.

Squillaci made his only appearance of the 2012–13 season in a 2–1 defeat against Olympiacos.

He signed a three year contract in 2010, so will be out on a free this summer.

Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi (aka Gervinho aka FOREHEAD) - Where do I start on this one? This is a weird one because the man puts on the Arsenal shirt, and fucking tries (which is more than I can say for the latter stages for Denilson), but his workrate just does not pay off. Actually. It does the opposite. 

The look of a baby deer in headlights is reminiscent in Gervais when he gets in and around the penalty area, his legs get shaky, his opposition smells the fear and manages to dispossess him. Or, he shoots it into row Z, or misses from point blank range.

If anything more needs to be explained why Gervins needs to get out of our squad for Arsenal to have the chance to improve and MAYBE win a trophy... it's this.


If anyone can find his performance vs Blackburn, you'd understand more. Imagine seeing him play like his bambi-self 5 metres in front of you. Against Blackburn. Missing clear cut chances. Then losing.

When a man singlehandedly ruins your chance in two cups, to lower league opposition, it should point a big arrow to the door.

That's it for Part One. Before staying tuned for Part Two - the weird and indefinites, you might want to get your anger out by screaming out into a pillow or the like, that miss vs Bradford is probably the most rage inducing thing you'll see all year and I do not want to be responsible for your stomach ulcer. 

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