Guest Post: Fairytale in Crystal Palace

As I have been on holiday in the States, some article writing by myself has gotten left behind, but as Crystal Palace have won the Premier League play-off final and have now been promoted, there's more to talk about. So without further ado, here's a very special guest post from a very good friend of mine and Crystal Palace fan: Chris White!

It was about as rags to riches as such a story can get, with Crystal Palace being promoted on Monday after nearly ceasing to exist a mere three years before.

In fact, it was three years ago to this very day that Palace fans seemed hours away from liquidation as they protested outside of Lloyds Bank in London. Simon Jordan very nearly destroyed the Eagles by spending money he didn't have and plunging the club into administration in early 2010, docking them 10 points and forcing the sales of nearly every decent player on the squad. 
**If you were somehow unaware, Jordan is a complete, pardon my American, douchenozzle. The proof lies in the fact that he looks like this:  Look at that douchenozzley face right there.
Nobody seemed willing to step up to the ownership plate with any speed, after Jordan left. There were ridiculous rumors that celebrities like P. Diddy were going to buy the club.

It may be a blessing that it took a while though, because eventually CPFC2010, the four-man consortium of quite well-off Palace fans who were desperate to save the club, stepped up and bought the team and Selhurst Park away from oblivion, against their better judgement as well. To say they've done a marvelous job since taking over would be an understatement.

How marvelous? Well, the team was so devoid of resources when they finally were back to playing actual football that they needed miracle finishes to finish a single point above the relegation zone not once, but twice. Dougie Freedman's steady if not spectacular managerial hand was just the ticket for Palace to grind out results and stick in the Championship, and then last season they finally began to put together the team that you will now see in the Prem next year. 

Enter Ian Holloway, along with a group of owners happy to spend money and £90 million more in the bank account to fix up Selhurst Park and pick up a few signings, and you have a club that, even if they go down, are solidly ready for a future as a possible top-flight contender for years to come.
Had you told me that would be the case three years ago, I would have slapped you. And then cried. And then slapped myself, most likely.

Chris White - Managing Editor, Burgundy Wave

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