Why respect should not go unnoticed.

Following the tragic death of AIK's goalkeeper Ivan Turina (most of his career spent at Dinamo Zagreb) last Thursday, I wanted to turn to good things in football that we don't hear enough of, instead of racism, diving, match fixing, Millwall fans and Suarez. 

We'll start off with the tributes for Turina in AIK's first game since his death against IFK Göteborg. Emotional and beautiful scenes with a huge banner of the former goalkeeper behind the goal, flowers laid on the AIK side, with a minutes silence with players side by side to pay tribute. However the most beautiful tribute was the minutes applause during the 27th minute (the number of Turina), where play also stopped for the players to also applaud. The unison of the fans chants during this minute was almost eerie. 

A friendly between Zagreb and AIK will take place on the 13th May with all proceeds going to the family of Turina.

As this is the most recent example of respect in the game that as happened, it's why I decided to write this article about it. It reminds me of the humanity and peace of sport in general when people join together at hardship. Now this is humanity and there will be arguments that why should players and fans be thanked or noticed for showing respect? In a world where we're dealing with racism, biting, homophobia, there will be ignorance, where old habits die hard. Getting the good stuff noticed more than the bad will hopefully lead the way.

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