Well, it has, in a way.

Of course I'm talking about this morning's confimation of Sir Alex Ferguson retirement at the end of the season. If you want to read more about his retirement, then read any other article on any sportsnews website or tv channel.

I'll sum up the details:

  • His last game will be against West Brom on the 19th May.
  • He will join the Man Utd Board as both Director and Ambassador.
  • Has been manager of the club for 26 years.

Now the main reason this is fudging mental is because, like many football fans out there, I can't imagine him not being manager of any club, let alone Man U. It's weird to think he's been in the same position more years than me be alive. I was born with him as manager as United. It's just going to take some time for when a new manager comes in to go, oh, they are in charge now.

This leads me to the second reason; who is going to be in charge now?
My money is on Mourinho (sorry Chelsea! NOT!) but even that's going to be crazy? If it is him, will he take Ronaldo with him? What if it's not? Who else is it going to be?

My head hurts. I'm going to take a lie down. I mean I'm an Arsenal fan, I can only just guess what Man Utd fans are going through.

Before I go, S'Alex, thanks for the rivalry, thanks for the passion and hate and pizzagate, make sure you have a cup of tea with Wenger before you go. 

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