Moyes; Man With The Long Term Plan

Well that's big isn't it? Manchester United have just announced David Moyes as their new manager on a 6 year deal.

Is this a good decision? Does it matter? Will S'Alex just control him from the Director's role?

It's big. It's big news, and at first, I have to say, I was surprised. I was stupid to think that this wasn't the right decision. As I said. Stupid. However anyone facing up to the legacy Fergie left would be thought as stupid as first.

I was then reminded that David Moyes started off at Everton fighting them out of a relegation battle, and that their funds were mainly coming from them surviving in the Premier League. That was in the 2001-2 season. They finished 15th.

Ever since then (with the exception of the 03-04 season where they finished 17th), they have only climbed higher and higher. If a manager could do this on the bare minimum, then think of the things he could achieve with winners and expierence. 
In this coming season, we will see one thing, a clearer difference between more mature Manchester United fans, and ones who are there for the name; fans, give Moyes patience, if I see any of you hashtag #MOYESOUT after his first defeat, I will cry with anger.

Now, I did reckon Mourinho would get the job, mainly because he had the experience (and could get Ronaldo back with him) but as rightly told by other people, he seems to hang around clubs for 3 years, and never for the long haul. However Moyes is (was) the third longest serving manager in the Premier League and left his own legacy at Everton. Manchester United aren't a club like Chelsea, they have class, loyalty (read that Rooney), and want eras to start and finish rather than months. 

Anyhow, back to Moyes, if he brings Baines and Fellaini with him... we might see that first Man United trophy before we think.

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