It's the most wonderful time of the year

No, this isn't The Co-op advert, UKians will only get that joke, if you're not from the UK, no this isn't Christmas either.

After a short hiatus, where there were things happening, but not enough for me to stop my day job to write about, we're now in the part of the football year where we can finally start talking again.

The season has ended and that means the bullshit has started; Summer transfer window 2013. The last few days the rumours have started to pick up speed, we've already had a few suspended bets, mostly due to player agents fucking shit up. These have included; Suarez to Arsenal, Julio Cesar to Arsenal, Higuain to Arsenal, Cabaye to Monaco, Holt to Wigan....

Funnily, out of these, the least exciting one is the only one to have happened to date. 

We've also had the Suarez-Saga IV, let me just refesh your mind on the Suarez Saga Series:
I - The bite
II - The racism
III- The second bite
IV - The 'I want to leave the English media'

If you don't think the guy could get anymore hated, he seems to do it. He blames the English media for being too harsh on him, then uses the media to say he happy to be still be wanted by clubs like Arsenal. Don't get me wrong, he is a truly talented player, but the guy needs to just keep quiet, leave quietly... to anywhere.

Another name that's been thrown up, is a Mr.Christian Benteke, seeming to be a little bit of a club jumper by transfer requesting every club he's going to.

We've also had the imaginary WAR CHEST, from Arsenal. Being linked to everyone, and one young french guy to show for it. 

But among all this bullshit, some business has actually been done:

* Grant Holt to Wigan (as previously mentioned)
* Schwarzer, Schurrle to Chelsea 
* Jesus Navas to Man City
Paulinho to Tottenham
* Deulofeu to Everton [loan]

 As much as we'll get our hopes up by lies, agents, misinformed tweeters, ITK people, talksport,  this is the part of the year where everyone can troll each other in glee and joy. The unknown is fun, before the end of August and you're left with Gervinho.

But for now, we can enjoy the speculation, and because we can't beat them, we join them. 

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