The Odemwingies- part II

Welcome back to part two of the Odemwingies, the awards for the dumb of the football season. For those of you who missed part 1 you can catch it here.

Bigger losers than Odemwingie of the season award

There have been many losers last season but there was one group who stood out as the ultimate losers and sadly, that has been us, the paying public - the fans.

You only have to look at the disrespect shown to Wigan fans after their team reached the FA cup final against the odds and then have the match scheduled to finish at a time when the Wigan fans would be unable to get a train home. To rub this further into their faces they were given the usual corporate BS about how the FA had dialogue with all stakeholders before their decision which loosely translated into ‘we spoke to everybody, including the fans, and we chose to actively ignore the fans’.

There was also growing anger at the price of tickets for away fans, with protests taking place, another sign of them being treated badly by the footballing family. However, these protests just make the fans look silly when they go ahead and pay the prices. If people stop going to games then maybe, just maybe would the powers that be get the message.

The WTF dumbass decision of the season

This could go to the FA for the ridiculous decision to not charge Callum McManaman for his ‘tackle’ on Massadio Haidara, which left him in hospital. You can watch the tackle below if you have the stomach!


Where this gets really WTF is that at the time the referee’s view was blocked, which is ok, but the FA chose not to charge McManaman on the count that an assistant referee (linesman to you and me) saw the challenge and thought there was nothing wrong with it. Now the real poor decision was by the FA not have the sanity or the eyesight of the assistant referee checked because there aren’t many people that saw the challenge and think it was a tiny bit deserving of at least a booking!

That’s it for the season gone by. Will there be more next year? Depends on whether football will offer up anything stupid next season...

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