Why Arsene should make a cheeky bid for Aguero...

Take the article title with a pinch of salt. With the board, mainly Ivan Gazidis, almost boasting about how much money Arsenal have at the moment, and no-one bought, I'm thinking about if Arsenal DID actually bid for players when writing this.

Now the disclaimer is out of the way, now the good stuff; Arsene bidding for Aguero. Am I mad? Slightly. Is it even possible? Of course it is. With Man City buying Negredo and Jovetic both efficient strikers, Aguero's place isn't secure as it once was. I've had a friend argue that he would be first choice over both of the two players, but with new manager Pellegrini in, would he stick with that? 

A 30 million bid would probably be enough to be a serious bid (and be rejected by City) and would unsettle Aguero slightly. With his place unsecure and manager changes at City, to be wanted by another Champions League (most likely) club would be tempting.

The pro's for Arsenal is that it is better than the three options that possibly face them; 40million for Suarez who is banned for 8 matches is crazy, his temper and attitude is unpredictable at best, however his skill is unarguably there.
Rooney, again a temprament problem, fitness levels a concern. 
Higuain, with inflated prices being thrown across Europe (mainly thanks to PSG and Monaco), e.g. 52mil for Hulk, 64mil for Cavani, Real Madrid now want 35million for Higuain. Even though I'd still pay that much for him, Aguero has experience in the Premier League, for what could be getting him for the same price.

Finally, there are new rumours that Real Madrid are stepping up to buy Aguero, as the rumours with Arsenal bidding for Suarez goes, if we bidded for Suarez to get Real to sell us Higuain, then the same should go for us bidding for Aguero.

All in all, these are only possibilities, Arsenal actually buying someone of noteworthy talent might not happen. I'm prepared for that to happen. However the talent is there for the taking, and sometimes worth the extra price. 

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