The Risk You Take After 8 Years

With Arsenal's business in the transfer market for Luis Suarez, the time of the year where Arsenal fans split into groups has come again, but for this reason, I'm not sure entirely why. One group is Pro-Suarez, one group is 'I'll-never-go-to-the-Emirates-again' Anti-Suarez.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this is the group of fans who say every year"Wenger needs to buy a big, well known, world class player.". Funnily, this year he may actually do, on Suarez, "But no not him!", well who the fuck else do you want? Messi? We all want fucking Messi, but this isn't Fifa Ultimate Team. (Please note I still want us to bid  for Aguero).

Sure he has his bad side, but he was the second best striker in the Premier League last season, his ability is more than great. He was only second best because the first best was the man we sold to Manchester United. Attitude aside, he knows English (which is one step better than another trouble maker we bought; Reyes), and even though he is banned for the first 6 games of the season, he'll be eligible to play in the Champions League qualifiers and tournament.

Suarez at anywhere from 40million+1 - 50 million is better than Higuain at the 34million Napoli got him for.  It's a gamble, but then we get Premier League experience, in a total of 77 Premier League games with Liverpool, he has scored 38 goals and created another 16. A goal nearly every other game. Goal scoring and chance creating is what Arsenal need since losing RVP.

What many Arsenal fans forget is that we don't have any players with the mentality on how to win, not in the same sense that Suarez gives. Remember when Suarez handballed in the penalty area to stop a goal from happening against Ghana in the 2010 World cup? He gave away a penalty, which Ghana then missed, and saved Uruguay from elimination. Cheating, yes, but he was allowed to do that. He IS a bastard. And bastardiness is what's been missing from Arsenal's side for years.

For the last 8 years, Arsenal haven't taken any sort of risk, they've played the safe game. Highest transfer bids for Santi Carzola and Andrey Arshavin in recent years. We've danced around 4th place, while building on our philosophy, to build and grow, to not spend so much because we just haven't had the money (that's the board to blame). But the fact is, we will get weaker if money like this isn't spent, you do not move forward if a risk isn't taken, Suarez is the risk we should take, it's not throwing away our philosophy.

Basically, if you're an Arsenal fan, you'd see the best out of this, support Suarez to come to our club and help us to finally win trophies, if you're a fan who has said that they'd rather not go to the Emirates again because of signing him, A) You are the fan who wanted to spend big every year for the last 8 years, beggars can't be choosers. B) Stay at home then, I'll be there instead, supporting my team for the full 90 minutes.

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